Trade Secret Litigation

Trade secrets are one of a company's most valuable forms of intellectual property.  Most states have adopted the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. That Act defines a trade secret as information that is not generally known or readily ascertainable by others, that derives value from its secrecy, and that is the subject of reasonable efforts to maintain secrecy. Trade secrets don't require formal filings or registrations. And, they can encompass almost any kind of information in any format.  Business plans, customer lists, manufacturing processes, formulas, computer source code and object code, and many other types of material may constitute trade secrets. Importantly, trade secrets can potentially last forever. But trade secrets can also be lost in an instant.  They can be disclosed to a potential customer without contractual protections. They can be taken by former employees and given to a new employer.  They can even be misappropriated from the physical or virtual workplace, if adequate safeguards are not in place.

I have extensive experience in the area of preliminary and permanent injunctive relief in both federal and state courts, allowing me to vigorously and successfully protect my clients’ trade secrets. In addition, these types of disputes usually involve other wrongful conduct that overlaps with the misappropriation or unlawful disclosure of trade secrets.  My experience in litigating business torts provides my clients with additional ammunition to protect their businesses.

When former employees or their new employers are accused of misappropriating another company's trade secrets, I can provide effective representation to resolve the dispute at the earliest possible date.  By doing this, I can minimize damages, potential liability and attorneys fees.

Trade secret litigation can be complex, time-consuming, distracting and expensive.  While litigation is sometimes a necessary evil, I work hard to resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively, so that you can get back to focusing on your business or your job.