Non-Compete Agreements

I help individuals and small companies deal with the complicated issue of non-compete agreements.  Our nation has a long tradition of outlawing anti-competitive behavior.  Non-compete agreements are rightly viewed as "restraints on trade" and should be cautiously employed only when they serve a legitimate business need.  When the need arises, however, the right agreement can protect a company's business, while still permitting former employees to maintain their standard of living and remain in their chosen career fields.

Employers who fail to carefully tailor non-compete agreements to serve their legitimate business interests run the risk of having those agreements invalidated by the courts - leaving them without the protection they need.  On the other side, employees who fail to understand the agreements they have signed run the risk of incurring expensive lawsuits and losing valuable prospective employment opportunities. 

I can help small companies analyze whether they need non-compete agreements in the first place.  Often, a company mistakenly believes that a non-compete agreement is the answer when there are other, more effective alternatives.  When a non-compete agreement is the right solution, we can help small companies draft the right agreement.

For departing employees, I can provide practical, effective representation to ensure that employees are not "strangled" by unfair or overreaching non-compete agreements.  Our goal is always to help departing employees avoid being sued in the first place.  But if an employee is sued, I will skillfully defend the case in the most practical, cost-effective manner possible.

If you are an individual needing help with a non-compete agreement or a small company considering whether you need a non-compete agreement to protect your business, give me a call.