ERISA Long-Term Disability Benefits Litigation

Many people undertake the first steps in the appeals process alone and find themselves in an uphill battle once all appeals have been exhausted. After you have run through your appeals proceedings, it can be difficult to obtain benefits, even with the help of a lawyer.  Retaining an attorney immediately after your initial denial can dramatically increase your chances of obtaining the benefits to which you are entitled.  To further reduce your hardship and stress, I often offer my services on a contingency basis, meaning that you do not pay legal fees unless I am successful in helping you recover benefits.

You Have To Call an ERISA Lawyer As Early In The Process As Possible - Preferably, The First Time You Are Told No!

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Contesting a denied claim for disability benefits, including under long-term disability policies, starts with an administrative process. During this process, your claim is reviewed by your employer's benefits provider. After the review, a decision is made on your claim, and your benefits are either granted or denied.  When your disability benefits claim is denied, it is important to get an attorney involved as quickly as possible. Following your denial, you usually have the option to file an appeal through an administrative process that requires information gathering and establishing a record of why you are entitled to benefits.  By having an experienced Cincinnati and Columbus ERISA claims lawyer by your side during the administrative appeal process, you can be assured that the proper information is included in your appeal and that every detail of your appeal is addressed in a manner that improves your chances of successfully obtaining benefits.

Why would anyone unfairly refuse to pay your disability benefits?  Simple, because to pay you hurts their bottom line. You probably don't want to believe that the insurer who promised to be there when you need them the most would deny your benefits to save a buck. But all too often, that's exactly what happens. And all too often, their denials are done without any solid legal justification.I represent clients who have been denied disability, long-term disability or other Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) benefits in the Columbus area, and in Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland and Montgomery, Hamilton and Cuyahoga counties.  As an ERISA disability benefits attorney, I leverage my extensive experience and a detailed knowledge of ERISA rules and regulations to offer the superior representation you need to obtain the benefits you deserve.

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